Saturday, August 6, 2011

Northbrook Days

Our days here in Chicago are winding down... I leave next Thursday for D.C. Come back for one day to pack and then leave for Phoenix. Then after Phoenix we head to Provo. I am going to miss this place!! Last night Nathan and I surprised our niece Claire by taking her to Northbrook Days. It's a fun carnival with food, games and rides!
 We blind folded her to make it more fun!

 Claire held on to the edges of the slide because it was going to fast.

 Nathan and I got called Dad and Mom literally 5 different times. So funny.

 Claire won a little puppy she named Tootie!

 A fun house

 Claire Bear and I

 Bahaha, her face on this ride is priceless.

Just hangin out at Spongebobs house!


  1. oh man seriously she is so cute. and you guys are adorable to do this for her!

  2. I like how they thought you looked old enough to be her mom and dad!