Saturday, July 2, 2011


Nathan and I had our six month anniversary on Thursday so we went on a dinner cruise on Friday! It was so much fun. Good food and dancing, and the crew was so nice. Everyone was saying, Happy Anniversary and they would ask how long we've been married and we'd say six months, haha, we felt a little silly.
 Our boat was called the Spirit of Chicago

 They put rose petals on our table.

 Such a fun night! After our cruise we went and picked up my parents from the airport. Today we went "antiquing" today. I seriously cannot wait to decorate my own home.

After "antiquing" we went and saw the movie Larry Crown. Interesting movie, I liked it, but not crazy about it. We love having them in town.


  1. Albert I LOVE YOU! And you and Nathan are just super adorable. :) I miss you! When do I get to see you again?

  2. well aren't you two just so cute.
    seriously, that first picture of you two? so so great. glad you had fun over there. but really, it's time to come back here. i want to have sleepovers already.

  3. Sooooo Darling!! congrats Guys! We are all getting so old as married people. Looks like such a fun date :)

  4. k that looks so fun and beautiful! and gosh you two look adorable in these pictures. WHO ARE YOU GUYS.

  5. Love these! We did a dinner cruise in Mexico this year for our anniversary. It was not as nice as yours, haha. Also I like your shirt in the cruise pics! :)