Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Our Fourth of July was a blast! And it was so fun having my parents here to celebrate with us! Our day started out with a nice picnic outside.
 My brother in law Kevin with his two adorable girls Claire and Leah

 Rivka, Dani and Kevin enjoying some yummy food

 Don't my parents look like they are 30 years old?!

We complete each other. I have the red and white on and he has the blue on.

The after math of Claire's ice cream sandwich

Then off to the parade right by our house!

These two dance teams were AWESOME.

 And we got to enjoy a lovely firework show.

When we went "antiquing" I found some beautiful pages out of a botany book from 1850. I wanted to find a cool frame for them but couldn't find anything cute enough. So I bought this frame and painted it a light green.



And while I was looking for frames I saw this cool one for ten bucks and painted it as well.

Now my parents are in DC visiting Cady. We miss them and love them!!


  1. LOVE your red and white shirt Ali. It's way cute!
    Also love the green frames with the pictures of flowers. Where are you going to hang them?

  2. Great pictures! Looks like lots of fun!