Monday, July 11, 2011

Cheesecake Factory

A little bit over due but Nathan's parents took Dani and I out to the Cheescake Factory for dinner tonight!! We love that place. And the menu is basically a novel. Boy do I love my in laws :)
Cutie Leah on the drive

 Leah and her Uncle at the toy store while we waited for our table

 How'd you get in there?! ;)

 Claire and her new puppy named Bee Bee

 My hunny and I

Claire and her beautiful mom Dani


  1. this happened tonight and you think you are overdue in blogging it?! ur crazy. i love you. lucky to have so much fun with your in laws all the time!

  2. haha no cady, its a little overdue because my birthday was over a month ago.

  3. seriously these 2 girls? ADORABLE.