Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Fall in Sacramento

I have been so behind in blogging! I am not sure if anyone even reads this thing, oh well, I do this for myself anyway! In early November Nathan and I drove up to Apple Hill to enjoy the weather, eat some good food and look at the cute shops.

There were some fancy cars Nathan liked looking at

1. Apples galore 2. A fun candy shop

 1. A brussels sprout branch??! 2. Enjoying some apple strudel

 Me enjoying some GLUTEN FREE apple crisp!

Okay now for the crummy iphone pictures, I haven't been breaking out my camera enough lately! My parents made the trip up here for Thanksgiving and we LOVED having them here! It was so fun cooking for them.

Opening the Martinellis 

Nathan carving the bird

Thanksgiving dinner

BYU played University of Nevada so we made the drive up to Tahoe and stayed in a really cool ski resort. They had so many fun Christmas activities, including carolers, gingerbread houses, ice skating show and a gingerbread village unveiling! It was a blast.

We went out to eat and enjoyed a FOUR POUND burger.

Walking around Lake Tahoe

The football game, a very entertaining one!

Fall is beautiful in Sacramento!

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