Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas in Utah

This year for Christmas, Nathan and I met up with his family in Utah. It was my first white Christmas and I loved it! It was so fun spending time with family.

Christmas morning

Nathan got me the whole Harry Potter series!

Christmas socks! (name that show)

The cute newly engaged, soon to be married couple!

Christmas chaos!

Everything was frozen in Utah!

The winter wonderland at Grandma Patsys house.

Erin's bridal shower

Found this cute selfie of Joel and Grandpa on my camera, ha!

Making chapstick with all the girls in the family (ignore my crazy hair!)

Love my sweet neices

Selfie with Claire Bear

 Thrift shopping with the cousins

Roller skating with the cousins

Such a fun trip and now back to reality!

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  1. this looks so fun! you made chapstick-say what?! also your HAIR IS SO LONG AND PRETTY. it looks great curly!!