Sunday, November 3, 2013

Life Lately

Life in Sacramento has been great! I haven't blogged in forever so thought I would update this thing. Nathan's AND my car got broken into within three days of each other. That stunk.

We drove to San Jose to see our good friends the Kindts.

 Nathan's work rented out Sun Splash

A pretty sunset on my drive home from work

We loved conference, of course.

We love going on walks here. There are the coolest houses in our neighborhood.

We went to Disneyland with Stefan and his girlfriend Erin, it was magical.

Nathan got a little too wet on a ride, and I love Toy Story!

I had to document this, I almost beat Nathan! And of course, a picture in front of the castle. 

One of my favorite rides

Love these guys!

Our good friends the Guzys came to town, it was so fun spending time with them!


  1. you are by far the most adorable girl i know. Sorry I've been mia...haha I am phoneless and will be until Wednesday! I miss you and we need to plan a trip up to Sacramento soon!

  2. You blog?? I blog! Whaaaat? I feel like I need to take this opportunity to tell you that (a) your neighborhood looks amazing, and (b) you probably get this often, but you look just like Morgan. So much so, that I had this double-take moment where I was like, "What's Morgan doing in Disneyland with a blonde boy? She's supposed to be in the Philippines!"

  3. I can't believe both of your cars got broken into. It makes me want to move mine right now... but I won't because I am too lazy. Disneyland looked so fun. Glad you guys got to go!