Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Monterey with the Kindts

Our good friends the Kindts recently moved to San Jose and we decided to go to Monterey together for the long Labor Day weekend. It was so much fun! We absolutely love hanging out with them. 

Once we got there we got to watch these sea lions while we ate lunch


Cheesy picture, BFF!

These two have been the best of buds since 2006

She is the funniest person I know

PCH. Seriously how beautiful is that?!

Dolphins frolicking 

The beauty kills me

A nice picnic lunch before our five mile hike into the wilderness

Have you ever seen so much beauty on one blog post?! I couldn't believe it! 


  1. jealousy. that's one thing I really miss about AZ is the proximity to gorgeous California.

  2. beautiful beautiful photos!
    ahhhh i am so excited to be making this trip in less than three weeks!!!!!
    and have i told you that your glasses are super cute?!