Friday, May 25, 2012


I absolutely love love love Prague. Such a gorgeous and amazing city! I loved walking around and looking at the beutiful buildings.

This machine plays about 5 different instruments and Nathan got to crank the handle that made the beutiful music!

This is where Nathans mission home is. After visiting the mission home we had a picnic in the park.

 Prague had the BEST food I have EVER eaten. We went to this one restaurant that has gluten free food and the second time we went I cried because I was so happy, it's that good!!

One night we got to go to a Mozart and Vivaldi concert in an awesome church.

Next up Olomouc, Czech Republic!


  1. i have three things to say.
    1. we saw that same music man when we were there!! same guy with the monkey and machine. so that's funny.
    2. that one picture of the city above the food picture where you cried could be a post card. so good job.
    3. i think we went to the same concert, MAYBE. was the church kind of across from the water/bridge where you could do boat tours??

  2. Totally think of Mission Impossible one when I think of Prague! Gorgeous!