Thursday, May 24, 2012

Istanbul Part 2

The Blue Mosque is beautiful! Before entering everyone must take their shoes off and women must cover their hair. 

This is the view we had from dinner one night

We then on a little boat tour to see both the European and Asian side. The guy originally wanted 20 bucks but I said 10 and he gave in!

Nathan ate a yummy fish sandwiches and I ate stuffed grape leaves... SO GOOD.

Then we went to the Spice Bazar and the smell there was SO STRONG. I don't really like spicy things.

After the Spice Bazar we walked through a Pet Bazar! I was dying. I wanted all the animals.

 The corn man here told me he loved me because I bough corn from him so often.

Our hostel we stayed at, where we had the WORST roommates in the world. 

Next up, PRAGUE! 


    I just got back from backpacking Europe and Prague was one of my absolute favorite places. I hope you loved it, too!

  2. 1. is that shirt new? i love it.
    2. there is alot of honking going on outside my house right now fyi.
    3. i can't wait for prague!!
    4. i bet you really did just want to take all those little animals!!