Sunday, May 20, 2012


.Turkey is insane. But awesomeley insane.  It is way different than all the other European countries 
Nathan on our first night where we enjoyed some DELICIOUS kebab

Some delicious baklava and turkish delight

We went to the Topkapi Palace, pretty sweet place

Nathan enjoying some turkish delight, I actually love that stuff

The Hagia Sophia was amazing! I cannot believe how old it is and how great of shape is it in. So beautiful

We also went to the cisterns that was used for the water system hundreds of years ago

They call their corn misir and it is SO GOOD. They sell it on the street, pretty random. It it so different from our corn. Mmmmm

!!Another street food. We spent four days in Istanbul and these are the only first two, more to come


  1. AH! I went to Turkey in March and absolutely LOVED it!! I hope ya'll got to go to the spice market. That was so neat.

  2. kebab!! i miss those so much.
    well gosh about time you give us updates, i've been dying for this.