Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm almost too embarrassed to blog about this...

 Well not too embarrassed about this part. Nathan and I the other night made churros! I haven't had churros in seven years and they tasted great!!

Now this is what I am too embarrassed to blog about... Nathan and I got sports passes this year. Its our last year here at the Y so we are pretty excited to use them! Last night was the BYU vs. Utah game and I hope none of you watched it because it was a waste of time. I don't even want to talk about it... :(
1. Here is Nathan and I before the game. 2. This is Nathan's sweet jersey that actually has a puma on it but looks like a cougar and is blue and white! Its a soccer jersey for Mexico.

 1. The team coming to say hi to us. 2. We all got free pom pom things! 3. THE DUEL. 4. A huuuuge flag.
 1. A typical Utah fan? I think so. 2. Joslin and I. 3 & 4. Us not knowing how to handle a football.
This is the only happy moment of the game. And I have erased my memory from everything that happened after this point in the game.

Go cougs...


  1. bummer cougar. we will win next time!

  2. It was painful. Enjoy your last football season!

  3. yum i want a churro! stupid game. we are cute. :)

  4. a. you and jos are cute.
    b. i want a churro too.
    c. don't make fun of byu.