Sunday, June 19, 2011


Enjoying some yummy Culvers.

I love flowers. Especially water lilies.

 Sometimes I like to pretend I am a photographer for 
National Geographic.

Nathan pointed out this cool green shiny bug so I took a picture of it. Then after I zoomed in I noticed there were two and they were getting it on. Sorry to invade your privacy bugs!!

Seriously how cool is this? Carved INTO the tree.

We went to an awesome little factory that makes yarn.

You can't go to Wisconsin without getting cheese. And if you know me, you know I LOVE cheese. Heaven on earth right here.



  1. They have Culvers here too and I have never been! I have heard they are so good! That cheese does look good. What part of Wisconsin??

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  3. Your blog makes me smile. You and your man and literally the cutest couple I've ever seen. :)

  4. those pictures are amazing ali! how did you get so good so fast? i love the lily pad pic. looks like you had a nice trip, did you visit pappi? yummmmmm cheese!

  5. @ lauren, its a reaaaal small town called argyle. like 800 people live there.

    @ mary, thanks :))

    @ cady, yes we visited pappy! and I'm still learning more about the camera, not too great at it yet though!!