Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Starling Wedding

 Getting ready for the big day

 The beautiful bride and groom
 Fun with Holli and Ian

 Old roomies Ashley and Cassie
 The beautiful bride

 The Luncehon

 My date and I

 Rob wrote the CUTEST poem for Chelsea

 The Wedding party

 Cutting the cake

First dance

 Fun dancing


  1. I like that your father-in-law was your date! Your in-laws are awesome... I love them already!

  2. you blog on vacation? that means you are a real life blogger. good work.

  3. so cute!! wish i could have been there!!

  4. wow. you are a real life blogger, esp now that you have a fancy camera. cool. you look sooooooo pretty at the wedding. i love your dresses too. looks like an awesome party for a cutie couple. fun! luv u bye.