Thursday, June 23, 2011


 Two days ago Rivka, James (Nathan's parents), Nathan and I were watching True Grit when the lights went out and we heard a siren. I guess out here in the midwest they have tornado sirens. Pretty crazy. So we go down to the basement for awhile till the storm passes. Luckily Nathan and I live in the basement so we could just go to sleep :)  I thought for sure by the next day we would have electricity but here we are now on day two with no electricity. I've really never really appreciated it till today. We use electricity in EVERYTHING. Now there is traffic because tons of stoplights are out.  I have to shower in the dark. Do you know how hard it is to shave in the dark?? You can't cook anything. You can't watch a show or a movie, go on the computer or even have lights on to read! A flashlight is basically glued to your hands. I am so grateful for electricity and I cannot wait till it turns back on!


  1. As terrible as this sounds, I am semi jealous because of all the fun memories your are bound to make by just using a flashlight. I almost want to pretend that we are electricity-less and ask Austin to shine the light on my book as I read to him. So fun /slash/ I am sorry! hope it comes back on!!! Stay safe!

  2. Do you guys still not have electricity?! You are so welcome to come over for dinner, and shower, and whatever else you need!!! Seriously.