Sunday, April 10, 2011

Conference Weekend

My sister Emily and her husband Paul came up to Utah to see conference and they had the privilege of staying with Nathan and I! We took them to our favorite eating spot in Provo called El Salvador. So cheap and so good.

Then to Nickel City. There's this one game there Nathan and I cannot stop playing.

What we woke up to Sunday morning. Not too happy about that.

Me and my hunny :)
Lauren, George and Tristan were here this weekend so I will be sure to blog about them soon!


  1. The best part of this blog is the celiac disease and gluten free signs on the side. Haha. Love it. Nate, whenever you need some wheat give me a call.

  2. Al, I like the bangs! Keep them.

  3. Fun bangetty bangs. I love conference. I want to go to UT and visit you and see conference. Maybe someday...