Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another visit!

Lauren, George and Trsitan came to Provo last weekend and we had a blast hanging out with them! They got into town Friday night and we went out to Noodles & Co for some yummy pasta.

Tristan and I. As you can see I was very excited to see him.

Tristan had the privilege of staying with us both nights! It was so fun playing with him and putting him to sleep.

Seriously what a cutie!!

Two good looking guys :)

Then on Saturday we headed over to campus. Here is Tristan in the cooler at Campus Craft and Floral. How'd he get in there?! ;)

A balloon for Tristan

Then to El Salvador for dinner!
It was so fun having them here and we cannot wait to see them in a couple weeks!!

Oh and this is a video of Tristan doing his dog "bark". He is too funny.


  1. Your pics are so cute. We had lots of fun! Miss you guys. How are finals??

  2. oh my gosh he is adorableeeee. i'm so mad i didn't get to see him!