Monday, March 14, 2011


So recently my contacts have been making my eyes go crazy. They itch and turn red and sometimes gooey stuff comes out, I know, gross. So I've been wearing my glasses a lot more often. But the pair I had decided to break... :( So I was talking to my friend at work the other day and she said she got prescription glasses on a website for TEN DOLLARS!! I couldn't believe it! So I checked it out. The site looked legit so I said "why not?!". I think it's so hard to shop online because you can't try anything on, but where can you go wrong with ten dollar glasses?? So I bought a pair and I got them in today and I love them! And they are real life prescription! It's great! Nathan and I have a busy week ahead of us filled with projects and tests. Only 41 days till Disneyland!


  1. you are so emo with these glasses. cool, 10 bucks!

  2. Okay I think they are super cute Mrs. Van De Graaff and I think you need to share that website with me since everyone in our house except for Logan wears glasses/contacts and it costs me a small fortune !!!