Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kampala and Entebbe

On our way back to Kampala there are places along the road where you can pull over and tons and tons of kids will run up to your car selling you meat on a stick, drinks, candy, fruit, etc. It's convenient and fun! 

The roads are packed in Kampala, lots of motorbikes 

At the local market in Entebbe

Ugandans love Obama for some reason

Enjoying a soda on Lake Victoria

Mmmmm fish (head and all!)

Blackie and I went the safe route with beef!

My new favorite fruit, passion fruit

Mustafas brother Blackie used to work at the zoo and he gave us a behind the scenes tour, it was amazing! We got to pet a rhino.

Hang out with a leopard

See the cubs

And go into the shoebill cage! In there if the shoebill bows to you, you must bow back. We felt silly bowing to a bird, but it's a lot better than getting pecked at!

We go to hold a boa, as you can see from my face, not my favorite.

Nathan likes snakes, he's crazy!

And then goodbye to our new friends Mustafa and Blackie. We love them and miss them so much!

This is the end to an amazing trip. I must say that Uganda is the coolest country I have ever travelled to and I can't wait to one day return!

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