Sunday, July 14, 2013


The next morning we woke up early to go chimp trekking. The hike was easy and short. The group we tracked was about 120 but we also saw about 20, all ages and all sizes. It was amazing, we were only about 7 feet away from them!

We were about 7 feet from this guy when he started to get upset, watch the video!! Chimp Charging video (skip to one minute)

I got ants in my pants literally on this hike!

After chimp trekking we were off to Queen Elizabeth Park. We stopped to get our favorite baby sweet bananas.

First time in the southern hemisphere!

At our next hotel our shower was outside and I am pretty sure we could be seen from anywhere!

Mustafas family lives near Queen Elizabeth and we were able to meet them! We met his two year old son Isaac and his wife Lausa. It was so much fun! We love them.

They cut up some jack fruit for us to eat, it was delicious!

Although these two didn't speak the same language they had loads of fun together. 

Lausa and I

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