Thursday, May 2, 2013


I still don't think it's hit me that I live in California. We are loving it here! The weather is fantastic and we are both really enjoying our jobs. My mom came to town a couple weeks ago to help us unpack and decorate, I could not ask for a better mom. She was so helpful and has a great eye for interior decorating. Here is a little virtual tour of our new home!

 Living Room

Reading Corner

Praha means Prague in Czech, where Nathan served his mission

Entry way, I love this lil rug I got at Ikea

the "Piano Room"

Hence the piano, which I looove

Guest bathroom, we also have a guest bedroom but we have nothing in there right now, so come visit us :)

 Kitchen, it's ginormous! 

Our bedroom

 The backyard, Nathan put up a strand of white lights, we love eating out here

The front door

Our house is on the right

I love our neighborhood! All the streets are tree lined and there are so many fun shops and restaurants in walking distance 

So this is our new home! Nathan and I got a deal for a hotel in Lake Tahoe, so we are heading there this weekend. My sister Morgan leaves on her mission and Nathan and I leave for Africa this month! Lots to look forward to!


  1. Ali! It is seriously beautiful! Love it!

  2. you are kidding me right now!! CUTEST HOUSE EVER! seriously dying with all the decorations and everything!! SOO DANG CUTE!!! also i made it to your fridge, i feel honored. :)

  3. looks great! i should have you and your mom decorate my house...its still not decorated!! anyway, andy, daph, and i are hopefully headed out your way in september. we would love to meet up! miss you both!

  4. ali you have the cutest house! i'm impressed. now we need to come up there quick to stay in that guest bedroom!!