Thursday, July 5, 2012

The National Zoo and Fourth of July

Well I don't think I have posted anything about DC yet. Well we have moved and we are loving it here! We live in Arlington and have a library and park right across the street from us. I could not ask for a better location! I will have to post pictures of our new place soon. We love living close to my sister Cady and her family. It has been so fun seeing them and playing with the kids. Anyway, if you know me, you know I love zoos.  The National Zoo is not only awesome but FREE! I've already been twice and cannot get enough of it. I just applied to be a volunteer keeper aide of the primates! I really hope I get it. 

This one is yelling at me to be his keeper.

They have these towers with lines that go across the zoo that the monkeys can freely use to go from inclosed area to the next one. Pretty awesome!

For the Fourth we went to our wards pancake breakfast and made some new friends! After the breakfast we headed downtown to watch the parade.  After the parade we BBQ'd with the Jardines and swam (which I have no pictures of) and then off to the amazing firework show! (which I also have no pictures of :( )

We had a great Fourth here at the Nations capital!

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