Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Oh my goodness. This concert was beyond amazing. Words cannot even describe how awesome it was. I seriously died and went to heaven. I may have cried during their first song. Nathan and I bought these tickets six months ago when we found out we were moving to DC and I have had a countdown on my phone ever since. The day finally came and I am so sad it's over.  When we walked into the stadium they gave up these bracelets. We had heard about them and that they light up. I thought they would light up the whole concert but they are radio controlled and go along with the music. It was seriously so awesome! I was in awe the whole time.

*Sorry about the poor quality phone pictures and videos. They wouldn't allow cameras with changeable lenses*

Viva La Vida, one of my favorites and the crowd was going crazy!

In this song you can see how the light up bracelets go with the music!

Sweet lazor show!!

The best concert I have ever been to!


  1. I went three weeks ago to one of their shows in Dallas. It was AMAZING!! I was like you--bought the tickets last December when they went on sale and have had a countdown on my phone ever since. It did not disappoint. Coldplay blows my mind.

  2. Coldplay throws a GREAT concert! We saw them in LA a month or so ago and it was CRAZY amazing! I loved those wristbands :)

  3. soooo jealous!!! my little sister went and got upgraded from last row in the stadium to 3rd row!! the little punk. that's my life dream. didn't know you were living in DC!! say hi to my family... i love DC too much! Enjoy it!