Monday, April 23, 2012

Salt Lake City

My family came to town on Wednesday for graduation. We decided to go check out the new City Creek Mall in Salt Lake. It was way cool! The fountains there were made by the same guy that made the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas

 Of course lots of shopping was done!

 Then off to Temple Square which was basically five feet from the mall!

Love the temple grounds and all the beutiful spring flowers blooming 

 As soon as we walked into the room where the Christus statue is Tristan folded his arms, bowed his head and closed his eyes!

 Momo is gonna be a cougar this summer!!

 The lovely parents

The whole fmaily 

 the mall

And of course we went to Hires to get a yummy burger!

Next up: Graduation!!

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  1. oh my gosh and LOVE that that little boy folded his arms when he saw jesus. what a doll.