Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life Lately.

Life has not been too exciting around here lately... Just trying to finish up school while Nathan works at the MTC.  Still trying to find a home over in DC... But we are really looking forward to this summer!!

I sewed this skirt the other day

 Been hanging out with these lovely ladies a lot lately. LOVE THEM.

Nathan interpreted for conference this weekend.

And of course we made shirts and went to the Hunger Games midnight showing :)

Life is great.


  1. Your life is GOOD. BE grateful. Go cougars.

  2. cute shirt and skirt! Go Nato!!

  3. cute cute skirt! hopefully we get to see you this weekend!!

  4. i STILL haven't seen Hunger Games. What the heck! this blog is darling.

  5. you are too cute! so sad i didn't make a shirt for the midnight showing, but wasn't it amazing?!?!
    and so very jealous you will be moving to DC! :)
    xo TJ