Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Homey home

We loved being home for a couple days! It was nice to enjoy 70 degree weather :) The first night we were home we went to my FAVORITE restaurant called Pizza Picazzos, best gluten free pizza around.
1. My lovely parents. 2. Nathan sometimes gets annoyed with all my picture taking so sometimes I take pictures by myself.

Emily, Paul, Nathan and I went to the temple thinking the Christmas lights would be on....but we were wrong.

It was also my little sister Morgan's birthday while we were home. Here she is opening her new iPhone!

We also got to decorate our tree. Love doing that, especially since we don't have a tree at our home.

Love birds again :)

We miss being home. But only 8 more days of classes!!

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  1. Last day of classes today! wahoo! Cute photos. I love the tree.