Monday, May 2, 2011

St. George

Hello! Sorry I have not blogged in awhile, Nathan and I have been traveling the states lately.  We are so happy that school is done with and we can have a break for four months. Right after finals we drove to St. George with our good friends Ian and Holli Guzy and the soon to be Rob and Chelsea Starling. We had such a great time playing games and laying by the pool. Here are some fun pictures of our weekend and Easter Sunday! More pictures to come soon of Disneyland and Phoenix.




  1. fun times, how long were you there?

  2. cuteeee easter egg dying! ps did nathan buzz his head? he looks hot. your bangs look super cute! did you just part them and they worked like that, no cut needed? that works out for you!

  3. also what is nathan doing with that egg!? don't tell me he is sucking all the business out of it and eating it! bleckh.