Friday, May 27, 2011

Darn Semi!

Well Nathan and I have been in Chicago for three weeks now and we have been loving every second of it!  Nathan is enjoying his internship while I am enjoying nannying.  I forgot to blog about our 29 hour drive out here. It was quite eventful because this happened:

I know right? So it's day two of driving and I am behind a big old semi. First of all I hate driving behind, beside, in front of or anywhere near semis. They just scare me. I am pretty close to the semi, probably too close when all of a sudden huge pieces of wood come flying at our car, I think it was a wooden pallet before. I was honestly just happy it didn't break our windshield and impale one of us. We saw no damage and I continued driving. Then as I am passing the same semi that ran over the wood and he begins honking at us pointing to the front of the car. So I get off the next exit to check out the car to see a huge piece of wood sticking out and liquid leaking out from somewhere underneath the hood.  Awesome. Thank goodness there was a car shop just off the exit. They tell us about a four hour wait... But for some reason they decided to put us ahead of everyone on the list and did our car first and it only took an hour and a half! What a blessing! But not a blessing to our wallet.  In the end we made it to Chicago. Watch out for those semis!


  1. oh YA joslin told me about this!! so crazy!! goodness. also, i love love how your blog is so different every time i'm on here. haha i love it. you're good at that.

  2. So what was the damage, what did it penetrate and what did they have to fix/replace? That is so crazy, I have never heard of that happening. We hit a huge piece of metal last summer and wiped out our transmission. We decided to get rid of the car... cheaper than fixing it! :S Cars are so fragile and so expensive at the same time. sheesh. Glad you're ok.