Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Slovakia 2015

After Israel we got to spend a month in Slovakia, where Nathan served his mission. This month was all about relaxing. We lived life like as we lived in Slovakia. We cooked a lot of our own meals, went on lots of walks, babies were on their schedule and taking two naps a day. Life was swell and I miss it so much!

Prague will always be one of my favorite cities. It is so gorgeous! We stayed in a cute little hotel near the square and loved going on daily walks along the river. Don't even get me started about the food. They had so many delicious gluten free food options that were absolutely amazing. Prague was mostly about the food for me.

The babies admiring some fun toys at a shop

Nathan went for a run early one morning hoping to get a picture of the bridge before people were there. I love this shot!

The babies hanging out at our hotel

Like I said, Prague was all about the food! Delicious pizza, bread, desserts and my favorite meal of all time svickova!

A family walk along the river

The capitol of Slovakia. We stayed in a fun little studio apartment right in the square that Nathan found on airbnb.  We enjoyed walks and gelato. 

I miss that gummy smile!

Banska Bysticia 
We spent the most time in Banska, a little over two weeks. Nathan is really close with a lot of members there. We loved hanging out with the members. They are the greatest friend a person could have. They love these babies so much.

We went to a fun water park one day

Natalie learned to crawl while we were living in this apartment

The "ward", the members loved holding the babies during church, I love these people!

We loved exploring, eating gelato and drinking hot chocolate

One day we went to a folk dance festival

The fourth of July!

Another day we did a little day trip to a cute town, Kremnica

Jarmilia, she is the best!

Katarina, she was so helpful and kind with the babies

I can't tell you how much I loved our walks around the square

Another day trip to a town that I can't remember the name of, oops!

They have the funnest parks in Slovakia! Trampolines, zip lines, see saws,

Dinner at a members home, here he is showing Nathan pictures of his family

I nursed anywhere and everywhere

Next we headed up to the mountains and decided to splurge one night at a fancy hotel and it was the best decision we ever made! We got to swim in a pool with a chandelier hanging over and with a beautiful view of the mountains, Nathan and I took advantage of the spa, we had one of the most delicious breakfasts and loved walking around the beautiful lake. It is a day I will never forget!

We spent another five days (in a less fancy hotel) in the mountains. It was refreshing and we loved the cooler weather.

Lots of little hikes and picnics

The Van Dalens came up from Kocise to see us and the loved being able to play with the babies! Brother Van Dalen showed us around Zdiar and told us about the history of Slovakia. He is so knowledgeable! 

One of my favorite meals is halusky but of course it is not gluten free so Nathan had the idea of bringing some gluten free flour to our favorite restaurant in Zdiar and asked if they could make me gluten free halusky with it and they did! It was amazing!!!

We spent the last couple days in Trencin, enjoyed long walks and gelato :)

And we got to see Nathan's old companion, Holik. Love this guy.

And on our flight home we had the two sweetest Slovak girls next to us on our flight. Nathan and I can't sit in the same row (only one lap baby allowed per row, since there are only four oxygen masks per row) it was nice to be able to hand a baby off for a couple minutes to get a rest. They were so helpful!!

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