Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Midway Part 3

My parents had lots of fun activities for us to do while hanging out at the house. One of them was making rockets and launching them! It was so fun!

We also launched water balloons

One of the days we went to Homestead Crater. Its a natural hot spring of 95 degree water, it was awesome!

 Nathan and the boys went fishing

I had to buy these for the twinners, future cougs!

Nolan loved getting back tickles form Nathan, I never seen him lay so still!

My parents had some extra, uh I don't even know what to call them, but the things you hit together at basketball games and they make a loud noise??! They had lights in them and the kids loved hitting them and each other with the lights off.

Nathan and I did Minute to Win It one night, it was hilarious and fun to watch.

And before we headed back to CA we got to see my best friends, Joslin and Kaitlin, they're the best.

It was such a fun week, thanks Mom and Dad!!

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