Sunday, July 6, 2014

Brussels, Belgium

Nathan and I had the awesome opportunity to go to Spain with Nathan's family! It was such a blast and so many memories were made. Whenever Nathan and I travel we try to make long (24 hour) layovers in other cities/countries. That way we are able to see new places for basically free! On our way to Spain we had a 24 hour layover in Brussels and it was absolutely perfect. We arrived early Friday morning and had all day Friday to tour around Brussels.

On our walk to the hotel from the bus stop we walked by this beautiful cathedral, I wish I knew the name of it!

The square, I hate asking people to take our picture and they usually end up doing an awful job...if you look closely you can see Nathan and I somewhere in this picture haha

a video of the square

Waiting in line to get a waffle we saw some missionaries! Nathan's brother Stefan served in the Belgium/Netherlands mission and actually taught one of these missionaries in the MTC!

Manneken Pis

The peeing baby and I

Of course we got some dark belgian chocolate, mmm

Stefan told Nathan he had to try a bicki burger, the meat is like kabob meat, Nathan loved it!

We ate at a yummy kabob place for dinner and enjoyed watching the World Cup

Our hotel was awesome and had mosaics covering the walls, floors and ceilings!

We tried to sleep that night only to be woken up by people yelling all night because of the World Cup. We left early the next morning for Spain!

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  1. such a great idea to make long layovers! that cathedral is gorgeous!
    and that's crazy that you ran into the missionaries AND made a connection with one of them. this world is so small!