Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life Lately

Nothing too exciting is happening here lately but I though I would give a little update on our lives! Nathan and I have officially booked our trip to Uganda! We will be going for two weeks in the beginning of June. I can't think of a better place to spend my 23rd birthday. We are going to go gorilla trekking (the main reason we are going), white water rafting, and many other fun adventures. We cannot wait! Here is a little update from some iphone pictures:

My sweet sweet Nathan bought me flowers after a long week of work

A lot has been going on at the zoo. This girl here, Kibibi, is now separated from her best friend Kojo. We have a silverback gorilla named Baracka, three females, and two other males named Kojo and Kwame. In the wild once the males have reached an age where they are no longer babies but are not silverbacks yet they go off on their own and create a bachelor troop with other males. Our two males, Kojo and Kwame, are now at the point so we have started our own bachelor troop at the zoo with the two males. It's sad to see the separation but it has to happen.

Nathan and I went to the Bulls vs. Wizards game where the Bulls lost :( Boo.

It snowed here!

I come home to dinner cooked everyday. Am I the luckiest girl in the world or what?! Here Nathan made me my favorite Slovak dish, halusky.

I am officially a Virginian. Weird.

Life is good. And if anyone wants a vacation to a fun city please come visit us!


  1. I love that gorilla named Kojo. I hope you guys are doing so great and wish we werent in school so we could have gone gorilla trekking. BUT SERIOUSLY

  2. Who takes THAT good of a driver's license picture, honestly?!