Thursday, November 29, 2012


Nathan and I went to Northbrook for Thanksgiving and had the greatest time! I mean who doesn't love food and family?! And at Thanksgiving dinner there was gluten free bread, gluten free stuffing AND gluten free pie, I couldn't have been happier!

 Leah and Nathan

 Sabrina, Uncle Peter and Aunt Kath

 Claire, Hannah, Dani and Kevo

Patsy and Rivka--Nathan and Hannah

 Leah, Me and Hannah

We went to the best Persian Buffet in town, literally stuffed ourselves again!

 And we went to Medieval Times! Each section has a knight and your cheer your knight on as they joust and sword fight the other sections knights and our knight won! It was so fun!

And you had to eat your food with your hands, no utensils allowed!

It was so fun being with family for the holiday and we are looking forward to going to Phoenix for Christmas!


  1. "the chicken is on fire!" Haha. Such a great visit! These pic are AWESOME! Can you email me them? I adore that one of Hannah and Boo in plaid!

  2. i love when you post - always and forever.