Sunday, August 19, 2012


Well everything at the zoo has been going great! This last week I was with the orangutans. Although I do love the orangutans, I love the gorillas more. Orangutans are just not as nice as gorillas! For example, the orangutans like to spit water on people they do not know. I had been warned and was trying to be extra cautious. Every time they would make a dash for their water hole to get a big mouthful of water I would make a run for it, then they would chase me till I was out of sight.  Some of the keepers told me that is the exact reaction they want to get to I just have to let them spit on me and not react or this little game will never end... So I only got a total of two mouthfuls spat on me. It actually really wasn't that bad, orangutans are really clean animals. Orangutans are also really smart, quite a bit smarter than gorillas. There was some research being done about their ability to count. A researcher would go to each orangutan and put a screen up to them and there would be three rectangles.  One rectangle would have a lot of dots, then one would have two dots and the last one would have one dot. The orangutan then would put them in order from most to least and would get a grape if they got it correct. They are so smart!! I found myself over by the gorillas after work though, I just love them.

My mom sent me a video clip of two brother gorillas that had been separated for two years. This is a picture of their reunion. Isn't this the cutest thing you have ever seen?

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  1. That is hilarious that they spit water on people!